AKA “REX” – Born August 5, 1995

Rex was born August 5/94 so is soon to be nine. Rex has always been kind of a Joker and has had a very laid back personality since we first brought him home as a young pup. His humor always keeps us in stitches and he has kept more people in their cars since having all his teeth removed then he ever did.  Keeping this in mind and the fact he loves puppies, he is a great babysitter and teacher. Even the pups don't clue in to Grandpas antics and although a little less tolerant to rambunctious teenagers they never seem to realize his bark IS much bigger then his bite. Rex has been a big part of our lives and a base for our breeding program. Although not a show dog himself he has produced multiple champions. 

AKA “MARK” – Born August 24, 1992

Mark came to us in January 1995 as an AM. CH. He arrived late one night when Jim was at work. He moved in and felt so at home that he wasn’t going to let Jim in the house when he came home from work early the next A.M. It has always felt like Mark was “ours”. He has been a joy to live with and to show. He was Best Of Breed at Canadian Nationals in 1995. Mark has entertained us, worried us, challenged us, and educated us about this wonderful breed. Above all he has loved us unconditionally. In spite of his 10 years and 9 months, he is still “King of the Hill”. He loves the puppies, and on a good day still thinks he’s a puppy himself. That’s our Mark!

AKA “MAX” – Born October 23, 1995

Max, or “Big Rig” as he is affectionately known, is very special to us. Max was our first puppy Champion, multiple Breed winner, and multiple Group placer. He also achieved his CD with good scores and class placements. Although Max’s show record is impressive, it will be his mark as a sire that we will always remember him by. Max has had such an influence on our breeding program. His first Champion “Angel” has continued on his tradition of being a multiple Breed winner and Group placer. We are eagerly awaiting for his latest son “Solo” to grow up and follow in dad’s footprints. Retired from the breed ring, Max is training for his CDX, which we hope to obtain this Nationals weekend. Max will always hold a special place with us because of his accomplishments, but mostly because of the joy he brings to our lives.

AKA “COCO” – Born August 26, 1994

Coco has the distinction of being the first Champion for MIWEI. Coco is the “ham” of the house, always goofing off to get attention. Coco loves to bark at the horses, sun herself on her doghouse, make huge messes with the straw in her doghouse, and telling everyone that the 10+ bones in the kennel are HERS!! Coco’s other favourite pastimes include chewing wood (hence the nickname “Beaver”), and keeping those “pesky” Shepherds in line. She also loves to patrol the yard in the evening, making sure everything is okay. We are very proud of Coco and happy that she can participate in this years’ National Specialty.

AKA “LINNY” – Born September 25, 1992

Linny is from our second litter and our first dog to achieve obedience titles. In 1994 Linny achieved her Temperament Test, and in 1995 she obtained her Canine Good Citizen title. Linny was campaigned in obedience for 5 years; three of those years were spent as Canada’s #1 obedience Shar-Pei. Linny retired after the 2000 Nationals Specialty where she achieved the Highest Qualifying Score in Trial by a Shar-Pei. Since her retirement she spends her days sleeping on the couch and keeping the puppies in line, and occasionally, lending a helping “hand” to Max for stay practice. We are very proud of Linny and all of her accomplishments. Although old age is catching up with her, she remains one of the “Top” dogs in our home and hearts.