Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Canada
'99 National Specialty Show Results

Chinese Shar-Pei Club of Canada 1999 National Specialty Show

TRIO KENNEL & OBEDIANCE CLUB Three all breed championship dog shows and four all breed licensed obediance trials. August 6th, 7th & 8th 1999. Bradford & District Memorial Community Centre Bradford Ontario

1999 CSPCC National Judges Pannel


Thursday, August 5th (Evening) -- Judge Tammy Luddeke


Friday, August 6th -- Judge Mrs. Geraldine Taylor


CSP Sweepstakes Results

Best of Breed in Sweepstakes

Best of Opposite in Sweepstakes

Moonbeam's Grizzly Bear

Junior Puppy Dog (6-9 MO)

1st -- Blackwitch Magic Dragon
2nd -- Bah Windsor Gumby's Tommy Jay

Senior Puppy Dog (9-12 MO)

1st -- Moonbeam's Grizzly Bear
2nd -- Moonbeam's Thundar Storm

12-18 Month Dog

1st -- Moonbeam's Zeus

Junior Puppy Bitch (6-9 MO)

1st -- Bah Windsor Gumby's Gettin Savy
2nd -- Blackwitch Chloe of Kweiming

12-18 Month Bitch

1st -- Carmichael's Brash and Sassy
2nd -- Moonbeam's Jesse's Rose
3rd -- Moonbeam's Lil Snapdragon

1999 CSPCC National Specialty Show Results

Best of Breed

Ch. Moonbeam Winter Storm

Best of Opposite

Ch. Blackwitch Candy Kiss


Best of Winners

Moonbeam's Jesse's Rose

Best Puppy

Blackwitch Chloe of Kweiming

Best Canadian Bred

Ch. Moonbeam Winter Storm

Best Veteran

Ch. Gumby's Going Incognito

Junior Puppy dog (6-9 MO)

1st -- Bah Windsor Gumby's Tommy Jay
2nd -- Blackwitch Magic Dragon

Senior Puppy Dog (9-12 MO)

1st -- Moonbeam's Grizzly Bear

12-18 Month Puppy Dog

1st -- Moonbeam's Zeus

Canadian Bred Dog Class

1st -- Moonbeam's Thundar Storm

Open Dog Class

1st -- Blackwitch Stone Cold Dragon
2nd -- Rich In Rolls Casinova

Winners Dog

1st -- Blackwitch Stone Cold Dragon
2nd -- Moonbeam's Grizzly Bear

Veteran Dog Class

1st -- Ch. Gemstone Soldier Boy
2nd -- Ch. Lin-Choi's Moonbeam Galaxy

Junior Puppy Bitch (6-9 MO)

1st -- Blackwitch Chloe of Kweiming
2nd -- Bah Windsor Gumby's Gettin Savy

Canadian Bred Bitch Class

1st -- Moonbeam's Lil Snapdragon

Bred by Exhibitor Bitch Class

1st -- Moonbeam's Jesse's Rose
2nd -- Carmichael's Brash and Sassy
3rd -- Chaeronea's Collective Soul

Open Bitch Class

1st -- Gumby's Roadside Rondevous

Winners Bitch

1st -- Moonbeam's Jesse's Rose
2nd -- Moonbeam's Lil Snapdragon

Veteran Bitch Class

1st -- Ch. Gumby's Going Incognito

Stud Dog Class

1st -- Ch. Lin-Choi's Moonbeam Galaxy

Brood Bitch

1st -- Wrnkly Wagrs Cheap Date

Attention U.S. & Foreign Exhibitors

  • In order to earn CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) points at CKC Conformation Shows you must obtain an ERN number.
  • Send a photocopy of the dog's registration certificate reflecting current ownership with a written request for an ERN number.
  • Include payment in full amount ($37.45 Canadian). Accounts may be paid with a personal or business cheque, money order, VISA or MASTERCARD. For Non-members of the CKC please note that if paying by cheque, the cheque must be certified. Non-residents of Canada please note that discounted cheques or money orders will not be accepted due to fluctuating currency rates.
  • Provide a full return address. Faxed requests will be accepted. Please ensure that your VISA or MASTERCARD number is legible and you have included your expiry date and signature.
  • An ERN must be obtained within 30 days of obtaining points, awards or scores to avoid cancellation. If factors beyond your control prohibits this or presents a problem, please send a written request for a 30 day extension. Please forward your request to:

The Canadian Kennel Club,
Show & Trial Division,
100-89 Skyway Ave.,
Etobicoke, ON.
M9W 5R4
(416) 675-5511

Payment: The current rate of exchange is in favour of the American Dollar. To take advantage of this situation, we suggest you purchase Bank Drafts or Money Orders, in CANADIAN FUNDS. Personal cheques will be accepted, however, they must be payable in U.S. funds - AND FOR THE FULL AMOUNT OF THE ENTRY FEE. DISOUNTED CHEQUES, BANK DRAFTS AND POSTAL MONEY ORDERS WILL NOT BE HONORED.PLEASE DO NOT MARK PERSONAL CHEQUES "PAYABLE IN CANADIAN FUNDS" OR "AT PAR" SUCH ITEMS ARE NOT ACCEPTED BY U.S. BANKS.

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